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Port Shepherds

José Canto is the Founding Pastor of the Puerto Seguro Church in Mexico, who with his wife Pastor Rosy Coello started it on January 25, 2010. Both have taken on the challenge of leading the growing church, investing and dedicating themselves to this wonderful work. They reside in the City and Port of Progreso and passionately carry out the beautiful task of shepherding one of the most emblematic and revived churches in all of Yucatan.

Our vision

Make disciples who reflect Jesus, to establish the Kingdom of God in Yucatan, through evangelism groups and ministries supported by the Holy Spirit.

Mt.28:19-20,  Jn.15:13


To earn: 

Bring the good news of the kingdom of God to the poor in spirit, the brokenhearted, the captives, the blind, the downtrodden, the sick, the depressed, and everyone on the face of the earth by every means available.



Lead each believer to be a disciple and a strong leader in the kingdom of God, basing it on the values of the Kingdom and the apostolic doctrine; thus renewing their mentality so that their total being is transformed into spirit, soul and body.



Train, equip, and help each disciple discover and fulfill God's purpose, call, and will for his or her life; leading him to know his identity as a son, with rights, privileges, inheritance and responsibilities in the kingdom of God.



Commission each leader and disciple to do God's will and reach their destination, bringing the Kingdom wherever they go. Send leaders with powerful weapons to extend the kingdom of God by force, casting out demons, healing the sick, performing signs, miracles, wonders and wonders; raising dead, preaching, teaching and prophesying the mysteries of the Kingdom, to cause a reform and an impact in society. With the ultimate purpose of transferring a legacy of blessing, prosperity and justice to future generations.

God is our safe place

Pastors José and Rosy Canto

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